"My 5-year-old daughter is obsessed with yoga class! She is totally captivated by Miss Lydia and her amazing yoga adventures. The kids have so much fun doing animal poses and playing yoga games, plus they feel so cool setting up their mats in Prospect Park. I love sitting on the sidelines--it's such a great weekend activity."

- Liz S.

"Lydia combines her incredible yoga practice with the storytelling skills of an artist -- we thoroughly enjoyed every class!"

- Ellen G.

"The Namaplay Yoga program is an incredible treat for kids!  Lydia is truly a master at engaging and challenging her little yoga friends, doing so with a magical smile, fun stories, movement and superb energy.  We asked Lydia to bring Namaplay to our daughter's 4th birthday party in Prospect Park and it was indeed the talk of the town.  Parents watched and were amazed at how much fun their kids were having, even the ones who 'aren't into things like Yoga' were totally hooked.  We can't wait for the next opportunity when we can bring Lydia and her Namaplay specialty back for more!!!"

- David F.

"Miss Lydia is an inspirational and passionate yoga instructor who offers an engaging, interactive, and fun class for her students. Her constant words of encouragement and positive energy will leave you feeling completely satisfied in the yoga experience that your child is receiving. I give her five big and bright happy stars!"

- Sandra N.

"Miss Lydia is a very adventurous and fun yoga teacher. She takes the time to show kids how to pose while keeping them engaged and safe."

- Lisa S.